2.8 — The Blood of Juana the Mad

June 7, 2017

The Awkward Episode. We’ve decided this is also the AU (Alternate Universe) episode. Phryne and Jack are not quite themselves, and everything’s just a little off. Plus, the plot is extra ridiculous—which is saying something!

What is the point of the Book of Hours in this show? WE HAVE NO IDEA. But Chandler explains their original function in ecclesiastical life, Mary reminisces about the role PBS kids’ shows played in her lifelong love of mysteries, and Chandler swoons over a folding step ladder and vents about a lampshade.

Stuff that comes up:

Square One TV theme song

The Archimedes song from Square One

More on Books of Hours and Illuminated Manuscripts

Personification of Death at the beginning of the Office of the Dead, from an Italian Book of Hours, c. 1470-1480, Hart 20966, f. 106v

About The Black Hours

Sketches from Chandler’s notes


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Chandler O’Leary
Mary Holste

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