2.2—Death Comes Knocking

January 3, 2017

Soooo, yeah. It’s been a while. Sorry about that. We recorded this about 10 days after the punch-to-the-gut that was the U.S. election. Things were still pretty fresh and there was no way we could avoid the topic. So fair warning—the first part of this podcast is very political. If you don’t want to hear our political talk, I would suggest you skip forward to 19:00 where the show recap actually starts.

As for the actual recap, we get into a lot of World War I stuff, costumes, Mrs. Bulwhatsit, Victorian Spiritualism, Jack’s reaction to the whole “sanctity of the boudoir” scene. You know, the usual stuff.

Other stuff that comes up:

Jezebel article about Netflix reviews

Info on puzzle boxes

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Chandler O’Leary
Mary Holste

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3 comments on “2.2—Death Comes Knocking

  1. I just got to listening to this one this weekend – a day after the inauguration was a good time to hear your election reaction. As always, I enjoyed the Miss Fisher discussion, and am glad you didn’t shy away from the current events.

    • Admin Feb 1, 2017

      Hi BHT! Thanks for getting in touch, especially about our “politics episode.” It will not be the last time we talk politics, but that was never intended to be our focus so it felt kind of strange to go there. But, considering where we both were emotionally, it also felt totally unavoidable, and we figured a lot of our listeners were feeling the same way. Thanks for letting us know that we were right! xoxo, Mary and Chandler

  2. I heard of lot of people talk about how after the elections what they were doing (be it music, fanart, podcast, whatever) felt completely futile, and while I absolutely understand that feeling, I am so, so grateful for people who could keep making their things. The day after the series of attack in Paris (I live in the suburb nearby), I was sick with anxiety and I ended up spending to day cleaning my house and listening to podcasts (No such thing a fish, I recommend it for all your mental breakdowns) to keep myself from the newsfeeds and it kept me sane. So my point is: thank you for making the thing.

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