SPECIAL EDITION! Miss Fishnet’s Stripper Mysteries Burlesque

February 3, 2017

Welcome to our first-ever Special Edition MFP Podcast! We had such a great time at friend-of-the-show Jo Jo Stiletto’s “Miss Fishnet’s Stripper Mysteries” burlesque show that we just HAD to share it with you. Our play-by-play takes you through each set where we nerd out over the concept and costumes. It felt a bit like trying to narrate a figure skating routine, so luckily there are excellent photos of the whole show to help you through it. Warning though—they are kind of NSFW. This DOES involve stripping after all…

The venue

Links to the Facebook photos of each act

Intro: Aunt Prudence – Rebecca Mmm Davis

1. Phryne Tango – Amara Strutt

2. Dot vs Telephone – Hyacinth Lee

3. Phryne With a Golden Gun – Verity Germaine

4. Bert and Cec are Friendly Commies – Eva Vivacia and Flora La Fenice

5. Phryne Sings a Dirty Song – Pinkie Fingers

6. Phryne and the Diaphragm – The Shanghai Pearl

7. Jack’s Private Time – Bolt Action

8. Phryne’s Fan Dance – Ava D’Jor

9. Hugh Learns to Kiss – Al Lykya

10. Doctor Mac Makes Women Swoon – Tamara the Trapeze Lady

11. Phryne and Jack End a Case – Sailor St. Claire and Mahria Zook

Info on Miss Fisher ConMay 4-7, 2017 in Las Vegas

Chandler’s sketch of Hyacinth Lee



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Chandler O’Leary
Mary Holste

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