2.3 — Dead Man’s Chest

January 11, 2017

Pack your bags! It’s off to the seashore for us as we head to Queenscliff for a bit of R&R. You will definitely want to pack your flask for this one because we hear the McNaster bar cart is sadly lacking. But don’t worry—the banter will keep you warm 😉

As usual, we talk costumes, characters, and themes in the show. But also as usual, there is plenty of off-topic discussion, such as how animals get high, Waffle Cone Hate Mail, how our town recycles poop, and why Chandler’s husband takes a lighter to the fabric store.

And just so you remember what the heck we’re talking about, here’s a picture of that jacket. And Gerald. Who is orange.

Other stuff that comes up:

The Feed Sacks book by Linzee Kull McCray

Your Hosts

Chandler O’Leary
Mary Holste

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4 comments on “2.3 — Dead Man’s Chest

  1. Hi Guys, I couldn’t find a direct contact for you (probably being a bit dim) anyway love your work, its so great to hear people talk about what they love and I love your insights into the show, really enhances the show when I rewatch. I know there are sadly only a handful of episodes to review still but I hope you guys continue to podcast you have a great natural style. Anyway I left you a well deserved review on iTunes.
    Can’t wait for the next episode!

    All the best

    • Admin Feb 1, 2017

      Hi Laura! Thanks so much for the kind words about the show. We love doing it, and it’s really amazing to hear how much people enjoy listening to it! We are slowly but surely making it through the entire show, so thanks for being patient with us 🙂 And thanks also for leaving such a nice review on iTunes! Very much appreciated. Take care! xoxo Mary and Chandler

  2. Debra Smith Feb 8, 2017

    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work. I feel that I am actually there with you discussing the episode.
    I loved your description of Gerald in this episode ( Dead Man’s Chest), I couldn’t stop laughing. I will never think of the colour orange in the same way again.
    Being from Melbourne, I just love it that this Australian show has such a world wide audience and people like yourselves enjoy it so much that you take the time to share your thoughts on it on this podcast.

    Once again thank you.

    • Hi Debra! Thank you so much for getting in touch and letting us know how much you enjoy the show! We’re really glad you feel like you’re part of the discussion because that’s at the heart of why we do this. We love the idea of women all over the world discussing this amazing show, and we wish we could do an international version. Who knows — maybe we will! We hope all is well with you and with Melbourne (such a beautiful city!). Thanks again for getting in touch! xoxo, Mary and Chandler

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