2.11 — Dead Air

November 14, 2017

The Miss Fisher Philes are headed to Australia!!!

We’re making the journey to Oz in July of 2018 to be extras in Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears, and we are beyond excited! We’ll be reporting on our adventures on both this podcast and our new travel podcast, Miss Adventure. (If you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a listen!)

Do you live in the Melbourne area? Will you also be traveling to Oz in July? We want to hear from you! We’re hoping to organize some kind of meet up while we’re there. We’d also love to hear any tips you have for places we should visit—attractions, restaurants, etc.—while we’re in Melbourne, so please drop us a line!

And now, let’s head over to Studio 3JH.

Today we are joined by The Tailor, Chandler’s oft-mentioned husband, who describes the origins of the radio industry and the Golden Age of Radio. We discuss Dot and Hugh’s situation and how society would have viewed a married woman working in the ’20s. There is much drooling over the vintage props, and our costume talk is especially animated with three opinions rather than our usual two.  🙂

Your Hosts

Chandler O’Leary
Mary Holste

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